About Us

Welcome to Morpeth Group RDA, part of a UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of thousands of children and adults with both developmental and physical disabilities.

Our horses and ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to over 100 riders every week. Riders experience 1000 beneficial movements every 10 minutes! So, half an hour on a pony has huge benefits physically as well as a great confidence booster – 90% of riders improve their confidence.

We are a non-profit-making registered charity and we rely on our wonderful army of volunteers along with donations and legacies to help us achieve this. Most of our volunteers have been with us for many years.

The Morpeth Group Riding For The Disabled is a registered charity giving people with special needs and disabilities a chance to develop their abilities and enrich their lives through riding specially trained ponies.

“There is a small, dedicated team of paid staff and a team of passionate volunteers who turn up week in, week out to provide their invaluable support to help make the centre work. However Morpeth Riding for the Disabled group need more helping hands.”

“Volunteering with RDA is rewarding and fulfilling, and we’d be really grateful to anyone who could spare a couple of hours each week to help. We welcome volunteers from the age of 14 and there is no upper age limit. ”

Morpeth Group RDA

To find out more please contact us via Kirkley Equine coordinator for Morpeth RDA lessons on 03007706000 Ext 08660

Email: morpethrdavolunteers@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2345396355789229/

Registered Charity No. 1123482