Welcome to The Morpeth Group Riding For The Disabled

Welcome to Morpeth Group RDA, part of a UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of thousands of children and adults with both developmental and physical disabilities.

The Morpeth Group Riding For The Disabled is a registered charity giving people with special needs and disabilities a chance to develop their abilities and enrich their lives through riding specially trained ponies.


Update regarding side walkers.

We are delighted to be able to confirm that one side walker from outside a rider’s household/bubble will be permitted from 17th May.

The side walker can support the rider on the opposite side of the horse to the leader but must be socially distanced by at least 1m at all times. Both leaders and side walkers must practice good hand hygiene and the side walker must wear a face covering nose and mouth whilst in the session.  The leader must either look away from the rider and side walker at all times or wear a face covering, or can choose to do both. 

If the rider needs two side walkers then these both must come from the rider’s household/ bubble and (unless the leader is from the same household), the leader must face away from the rider and side walkers at all times or they must wear a face covering. The leader and the side walker on the same side must also aim to be socially distanced as much as possible. 

We hope that if restrictions are removed on 21st June then two side walkers from outside the rider’s household/ bubble will be permitted. 

Having our volunteers side walking again will give us more flexibility and we look forward to welcoming back more of our riders who need the extra support.

If you’d be willing to side walk please could you fill in the attached consent form and email it back to us.

Best wishes



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